Waiting for GTA 6: fans looking for clues in a GTA Online release

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With Grand Theft Auto V that has proven to be incredibly successful in terms of hospitality and commercial performance, the public is eagerly awaiting information related to a possible GTA 6.

It is therefore not surprising that enthusiasts are carefully scrutinizing any statement from Rockstar Games, in an attempt to find some possible clues about the intentions of the software house for the foreseeable future. In this regard, the recent announcement of news related to GTA Online has opened the way to an intense debate on Reddit.

In a release published on Tuesday 28 January, the development team illustrated the news scheduled for 2020 regarding the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5. The paragraph dedicated to the topic, treated in a section entitled "Coming soon", ended with the following sentence:"Plus, expect more rich updates as well some surprises later this year". This specific wording, although inserted in a context mainly connected to GTA Online, catalyzed theattention of part of the community, who wondered about the presence of implications unrelated to the online sector of GTA 5 and linked, however, to the possible announcement of a new game in the series.

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Despite frequent rumors about GTA 6, the existence of the game has never been confirmed so far.

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