VVVVID: the simulcasts and the anime to follow in November

The Italian streaming platform VVVVID has managed to please anime fans since its inception in 2014. Over the years, VVVVID has become bigger and bigger, so much so that today it is a reference point for fans of oriental animation, offering them an increasingly vast, on which titles have landed that have become true cult: just think of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, and many more.

In the last period, the on-demand platform has added the section Sala VVVVID, where you can also rent Japanese animated films. Each season, the library is enriched with new productions both in simulcast and with series that arrive for the first time in streaming: so let’s see which anime are recently added to VVVVID.

My Hero Academia: Restate in vita

My Hero Academia is the transposition of the Bones of the famous superhero manga by Kohei Horikoshi. Recently the fifth season of My Hero Academia was announced and waiting for more details on the new season, we can recover the OVA divided into two parts on VVVVID Stay alive, which arrived in September.

Although the special was released with the fourth season, the events narrated take place during the third, just before the students of 1-A obtain the provisional license. Izuku Midoriya and his classmates must improve their survival skills by participating in a new rescue simulation.

The enterprise seems easy, so much so that Izuku and the others can’t wait to be able to finish the simulation, to be able to have fun together; but the situation degenerates unexpectedly and only with teamwork will they be able to complete their business.

Higurashi no naku koro ni

The young man Keiichi Maebara has recently moved to the small village of Hinamizawa, and in a short time he managed to settle in, managing to find good friends with whom to spend his days and free time: Rena Ryuuguu, Rika Furude, Mion Sonozaki, e Satoko Hojo. Hinamizawa is a secluded and peaceful place with little to do, but the Drifting Cotton Festival is held annually, celebrating the end of winter.

Although the village and its inhabitants may appear serene and peaceful, in reality they hide a much more macabre and disturbing secret, linked to a dam under construction and to a heinous murder.

Higurashi no naku koro ni is a horror visual novel developed by 07th Expansion and yes Ryukishi07. In 2006 Studio DEEN edited an animated transposition, distributed in Italy only in 2019 on Netflix with the title When They Cry, in the original language and with Italian subtitles (for more information, find our review of When They Cry).

Last January, the animation studio Passion (the same who made the controversial Interspecies Reviewers) through a short teaser announced that he was working on a new adaptation of Higurashi no naku koro ni. After some postponements, the series consisting of 14 episodes saw the light last October 1st and arrived in Italy in simulcast on VVVVID.

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The Passione study stated that their Higurashi no naku koro ni it will not be a remake, but a reboot: for this reason there are some differences with the original work.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro is a neighborhood known for its high crime rate, controlled by violent low-ranking gangs and the Yakuza, but it is also the home of the cold Makoto Majima, a problem solver who acts as a mediator in the territory wars of various gangs, and sometimes solves cases that the police cannot clear up. His work is certainly not honest, but he does it only to protect his friends. His life, however, takes an unexpected turn when a loved one is murdered.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (also known simply as IWGP) is a series of novels by Ira Ishida, from which a live action TV series was taken, which debuted in Japan in 2000. On October 6, however, the anime of Ikebukuro West Gate Park began airing, which arrived in Italy in simulcast on VVVVID.

Akudama Drive

In the distant future, a war broke out in Japan between the region of Song and that of Kansai; the clashes ended with the victory of Kanto and Kansai became a vassal state.

Over time, however, the power and influence of the government and the police have diminished, thus leading to an ever-increasing spread of crime and the emergence of a new type of outlaw: the Akudama.

Akaduma Drive is an original anime by Studio Pierrot and debuted on October 8th, arriving in simulcast on VVVVID.

Taisou Samurai

In 2002, Japanese gymnastics athletes were among the best in the world. Shotaro Aragaki he has devoted his entire life to gymnastics, but his career has certainly not gone as he would have expected. For this reason, the coach Amakusa and daughter King they advise him to retire, but an unexpected meeting will forever change the life of Shotaro and the Aragaki family.

Taisou Samurai is a new original production by the MAPPA studio, which debuted last October 10, also on VVVVID in simulcast.

Street Fighter II V

Taken from the second chapter of the famous fighting game developed by CAPCOM, Street Fighter II V follows the stories of friends Ryu e Ken Masters, both martial arts experts. The two decide to test their physical skills by facing fighters from all over the world, who practice different fighting styles.

During their journey, in addition to making new friends, Ryu and Ken become entangled in the machinations of the dangerous organization. Shadaloo, led by the fearsome commander Mr. Bison.

Street Fighter II V it aired on Japanese television stations in 1995, while in Italy it arrived in 1997 with Italian dubbing, thanks to Dynit, on Junior TV. On October 19th Street Fighter II V was added to the VVVVID catalog.


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