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Vulnerability is a force for self-esteem, the interview by Selena Gomez who is "in the happiest place possible"

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"I'm in the happiest place I've ever been in." Selena Gomez since she came back on the wave, after a period in which she had disappeared from social networks and had taken (unofficially) a break from music, she takes every opportunity and interview (in this case a Billboard USA) to reiterate that he is now finally doing well. We are very happy for her, also because her experience can help those who follow her and we are sure that this is the goal of her words. In addition to his music. On January 10, in fact, Selena Gomez published the his latest album, Rare, in which he channeled his new energies and which was anticipated by the two single Lose You To Love Me is Look at her now.

Selena Gomez, the interview for Rare and the strength of vulnerability

The path to getting back on course was not easy, there were many obstacles, but the path to recovery was possible (and always continues) with the willpower and perseverance, as well as with the help of experts who can give tools to see the light outside the tunnel. Selena Gomez, in fact, has never made any secret of her problems mental health, sometimes connected to the management of the haters that, even for successful characters like her, can have a profound effect on theself esteem and question it every day. In the middle there was the work that never seemed to stop, its fight against the lupus, for which she also underwent a kidney transplant, and the gossip that did not abandon her between the story with Bieber and that with The Weeknd. With his latest songs, then, he has not hidden the suffering that comes from a loving relationship that ends. What in Lose You To Love Me the reference is to Justin Bieber it doesn't matter: on the break-up penalties we all went through and in theinterview with Billboard USA Selena Gomez clearly said how much it is worth identifying.

"I wanted a record that would make people feel something: whether it's a relationship that is difficult to overcome, or whether it's about regaining self-confidence or feeling good just having fun."

To get to publish Rare Selena Gomez she had to feel in a state of mind where fear had no place, but instead there was a desire to share what has been and which has brought her to where she is now, "the happiest place possible":

"I felt like I deserved to have a moment for myself, after some time passed and after throwing everything on this album. I wasn't even wondering if what I was doing was the wrong thing.

I think I have come to the happiest place I have ever been: I will go on and I will not be afraid. People might react in different ways, but I know I'm proud to publish this music for what it talks about. I want everyone to know that they are not alone and that all these feelings are normal. "

Selena Gomez interview, what if the courage to be vulnerable helps your self-esteem?

In the album Rare there is a song that Selena Gomez has put on her favorite list, Vulnerable:

"After my life completely exhausted me, I felt drained, without strength. I disconnected from my feelings for a long time. Now I go to therapy, I talk about everything I'm going through. Inside me I heard a voice that he said 'Why am I doing it? Why am I giving myself to people without filters, whether they are friends or random people? Why do I do it?' ".

I understand that being vulnerable is one of my strengths, while I thought it was a weakness.

The question I asked myself was' If I can give you all of myself, are you able to accept it and take care of it? And if you are not, then I will decide to always be who I am. I will not have you in my life, but I will continue to be what I am ".

Finally, there is a small note that makes us understand how music serves us to share in a sort of protected space for our solitudes, thanks to the fact that we manage to identify ourselves, even if those words do not belong to us and were created in a context and for a story that wasn't ours. Selena Gomez worked on Rare for about 4 years:

"The interesting thing is that the songs mean something different to me now. And I think that's the main reason I waited to release the album. I didn't want to be driven by the impulsiveness of those things: I wanted to bring out what I was trying, then I wanted to celebrate it. And that's what happened. "

An example?

"When I wrote the song" Lose You to Love Me ", I was a bit of a mess. It was really difficult for me. When we shot the music video, at the end of the year, it had a completely different meaning and it was very liberating. "

Finally Selena Gomez could only close with a reflection that makes it clear how important theself esteem and love for oneself, because that, without a doubt, we deserve it. And you don't need to be arrogant.

"I know I don't have everything, I'm not perfect, but I know I deserve a lot, and I deserve love. Above all I deserve love for myself".

Can you disagree with her?

This is the tracklist of the new Selena Gomez album Rare:

  1. Rare
  2. Dance Again
  3. Look At Her Now
  4. Lose You To Love Me
  5. Ring
  6. Vulnerable
  7. People You Know
  8. Let Me Get Me
  9. Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK)
  10. Kinda Crazy
  11. Fun
  12. Cut You Off
  13. A Sweeter Place (Feat. Kid Cudi)
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