Vucetich: it is nonsense that Chivas has not hired him by age

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‘Vuce’ replied that “it’s silly”. that Chivas made him ugly for being over 60 years old

The former sports director of Chivas, Francisco Gabriel de Anda, declared that Víctor Manuel Vucetich was his candidate to lead the Flock, however the board ruled out by his age, to those who himself ‘Vuce’ replied that “it’s silly”.

The coach of the Gallos de Querétaro, 64, has the team in Liguilla while the Chivas, because we already know what has happened, said that “the question of age I think is something that makes no sense, all CEOs in large companies are over 60 years old, it is a study by Harvard and CEOs manage large companies, because they have great capacity. ”

“What should always be described in people is their ability, not their age. For me it is nonsense when capacity is not valued, instead of a simple birth certificate. ”

‘Vuce’ visited Chivas and his team on Saturday lost by 3-2.

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