VLC for Android is updated by renewing its design and improving the search on Android TV

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Searching for a mobile media player can be a tough task if we want to open a wide variety of files, but there are always good examples of applications capable of complying with almost any type of reproduction. VLC is one of those proper names, a complete player that Android has made a place for its benefits and its continuous development. Fruit of this development, now comes a new version: 3.2. Stable.

The app update is currently in deployment through the Google Play Store and it comes to improve a couple of key aspects of VLC: its design and compatibility with Android TV. It is not that the application looked very modern, so the developers took great care to polish the interface to make it cleaner and more intuitive. And they did not stay there since the televisions will also make a good account of the player; Just like the rest of the devices, of course.

Thoroughly renovated

Android Vlc

Apart from it being powerful and versatile, an application must offer a good look. In this way its use is much more pleasant, a point that ends up being redundant in the experience. In this sense, VLC for Android leaves behind the round icons of the player or the square audio equalizer to bet on a homogeneous playback control and cards with rounded corners for certain elements of the configuration. Everything without losing the dark mode option, which VLC for Android already had it included.

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Among the improvements that the new version of VLC brings are the following:

  • Interface Renewal. VLC has removed most of the visual aspects, from the player to the playlists.
  • Chromebook improvements. Now several files can be opened at once and compatibility with external devices has been improved.
  • The videos can be grouped, a first step to improve the categorization that will come later.
  • Android TV improvements. Television players have optimized the title browser. In addition, VLC adds voice search.
  • Greater stability. As is often the case with important updates, VLC for Android improves its stability. There is also another detail: the entire application is now developed in Kotlin.
Android Vlc

VLC 3.2 is now available through the Google Play Store, but the new version may not appear yet. This update is expanding, so you may have to wait a bit if you still do not have it available.



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