Vis a Vis: The Oasis presents in a new trailer Zulema, Macarena and their team of outlaws

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The Serie Vis a vis prepares for the premiere of its final season, titled Vis a vis: El oasis. To prepare for this frantic outcome, a new preview has been released in which Team V is introduced.

If Team A showed up in your area, it may be in your best interest to hire them to solve your problems. On the contrary, if Team V appears in your area, it is in your best interest to turn the door key twice because the lead and blood will start to run.

In the fifth season of Vis a Vis, entitled Vis a Vis: The Oasis, Macarena and Zulema survive as fortune hunters. For their last great blow, they will have to form the best team, Team V: Zulema Zahir, known as "The Elf from Hell"; Macarena Ferreiro "La Rubia"; Goya Fernández "La Gordi"; Triana Azcoitía "La Hacker" and "La Flaca". One more blow and they will go in style.

The two greatest enemies of this Spanish fiction are now force allies to gain their freedom in a blunt manner. Both will lead a team of soulless people interested in fleeing with a small fortune under their arms.

This latest installment of Vis a Vis has been conceived to give final meaning to the main characters after fans, the "Yellow Tide", claimed an outcome for their story. The production, shot between Madrid and Almería, is made up of eight episodes and is again led by Iván Escobar as showrunner, as well as the writers Lucía Carballal and JM Ruiz Córdoba. For her part, Sandra Gallego, co-executive producer with Iván Escobar, also directs the fiction with Miguel Ángel Vivas.

With this season a series that has thousands of followers worldwide will be sealed thanks to the dramas produced behind bars and that have been hooking us season after season.

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