Vikings 6 Has Presented Erik The Red

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Those who have seen the last episode broadcast in Spain of 'Vikings' have been able to verify that Björn escapes alive from the trap of the new king of Norway, Harald, thanks to the appearance of a new red-haired ally Already aboard a ship this mysterious New friend shows up. His name is Erik. Skip your nickname. Although he tells the defeated son of Ragnar that he is an outlaw.

This is the true story of a Viking called Erik Thovaldsson, better known as Erik the Red, for his hair color, which, outlawed, became the founder of the first Viking settlement in Greenland. His was a life full of ups and downs. We review it to see if you think it has something to do with the new character that has introduced 'Vikings' in his latest episode, the most vibrant of all, 'Death and The Serpent'.

Legend has it that Erik came from a noble family in Iceland – his own name, also written Eirik or Erich, means ‘boss’ or ‘important character’. However, he had to leave Norway after his father had a 'problem' of revenge. In the fights for the throne of Oslo he supported King Erik Blodóks (‘bloody ax’) against his brother’s claims Harald Gráfell (‘The one with the gray hair)’, which ended up winning and was crowned in 961 as Harald II of Norway. Does this name ring to you? Well, young Erik's family fell out of favor; The father was charged with a terrible crime and sentenced to death. They managed to flee.

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Years later history repeated itself. Now it was Erik himself who was declared outlaw for killing the children of a rival of his family in the course of a fight. Without a place to reside, he decided to enter the sea in search of new territories. He ended up arriving at Greenland, where he settled with his family. They were the only ones who lived there and are considered by history the true discoverers of America.

At the end of the 3 years of exile Erik and his family returned to Iceland, told what he had found and got an expedition of twenty-five ships and seven hundred settlers to follow them to the prized "green" lands of Greenland (a most ironic title, by the way, that put the same Erik to attract more people). According to the data, in Greenland the maximum population reached 5,000 inhabitants, so Erik managed to deceive a few by telling them about these green lands. Moreover, for six centuries there were people living there. He himself died in Greenland.

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