Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals: Koichi has once again exceeded its limits

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The last chapters of Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals they showed us interesting developments regarding the main characters and the meeting with one of the main villains of the spin-off written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and designed by Betten Court.

In fact, in the final part of the last arc we saw the protagonist Koichi training constantly to improve his skills, with the aim of saving both his friend Kazuho and their city. The new chapter showed us the fruits of these intense workouts, and The Crawler appears to have gotten a major boost.

As we learned from the original Kohei Horikoshi series, Quirks can be perfected and improved like a muscle, and this is what happened for the Slide and Glide by Koichi, which in addition to becoming incredibly faster, more agile and powerful, in chapter 82 showed a new use of its peculiar power.

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Until now we had seen the protagonist use small and short propulsions to fly in some way, but after the collision with Number Six and the wound reported by Kazuho, ​​while the latter was precipitating Koichi he used his Quirk to get off quickly and save her, releasing an amount of energy never seen before.

Recall that Number 6 became Nightwing in the recent chapter of the spin-off, and that the spoilers of chapter 279 of My Hero Academia are online.

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