Victims may report Michael Jackson

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'Leaving Neverland' raised blisters from the beginning. On the one hand, the long and detailed testimonials of James Safechuck and Wade Robson, about how Michael Jackson sexually abused them, was as revealing as it was uncomfortable for many viewers. Others, especially the fiercest defenders of the King of Pop, criticized the manipulative appearance of the documentary, which bets everything on the testimony of the two alleged victims without having too much influence on the trials in which Jackson was found not guilty and does not include allegations that contradict those who point to Jackson's guilt. But it is that Dan Reed's documentary was essentially a documentary about victims of sexual abuse by power figures. A story that, rather than seeking objective guilt, wanted to give full voice to the full account of the weak part of this conflict.

Until now, the social justice provided by the documentary was the only one they had. In 2017 their cases were dismissed because the California court only contemplated allegations of child abuse in relation to children under 26 years. At that time, Safechuk was 36 and Robson 30.

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If we learned something from the documentary, in addition to numerous other testimonies of other cases, it is that sexual abuse always remains And they never get rid of the victims. Some get aware of them very late, after having locked them in their mind, or keeping them secret, for decades. Therefore, it must be a matter of time and logic, for this law to change. And so it has been, now in California you can chase cases of child sexual abuse by children under 40.

Vince Finaldi, lawyer of the two men, declared: "We are delighted that the appellate court recognizes California's strong protection for children, and we intend to move forward with litigation in our cases.".

With the music star already deceased, the judicial rival facing the two protagonists of 'Leaving Neverland' will be the so-called Michael Jackson estate. Specifically, the complaint will be addressed to two conglomerate companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures. 'Leaving Neverland 'is available on HBO.

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