Veracruz with the hours counted, this Tuesday owners meet

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On Tuesday the Assembly of Team Owners of the Liga MX will be held and the fate of the jarocho team will be on the table

This Tuesday will be held Assembly of Team Owners of Liga MX where one of the topics on the table will be the disaffiliation of Veracruz, due to all the piglet that uncovered this semester.

The mismanagement that Fidel Kuri Grajales has taken with the “shark” box is the priority in this meeting, since there are many possibilities for the team to lose its registration.

The manager has been involved in controversy over the lack of payment towards the members of the male and female plants, as well as the workers of the institution; which was close to the fact that date 14 will not play, due to the threat made by the members of the first jarocho team, something that in the end did not happen.

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The Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) and Liga MX they had to intervene so that those affected presented a dispute and they were paid due.

All this has caused Kuri Grajales is not well seen and that there is a very high possibility that Veracruz will no longer play in Liga MX from the Clausura 2020 Tournament.

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