Venom: Spider-Man’s historic Villain takes shape in a magnificent statue

First appeared in March 1988 in The Amazing Spider-Man # 300, Venom he immediately knew how to establish himself as one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies, unexpectedly developing the narrative arc dedicated to the alien costume that appeared during the Secret Wars event, and directly threatening the life of Peter Parker and MJ.

After many years, the creature conceived by screenwriter David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane, two of the authors who marked a significant rebirth of the character of Spidey and his adventures, is still considered today as an iconic figure within the Marvel universe. Currently Eddie Brock e Flash Thompson, the two major characters to have harnessed the power of Venom, find themselves engaged in the tremendous developments of the King in Black event, which is also involving important heroes.

To pay homage to an antagonist of such importance, Smashing Rocks Studio has made the magnificent statue that you can see in the post reported at the bottom. In 1: 4 scale, with a height of 42 centimeters, Venom appears perfectly reproduced, and for those interested the price of this incredible collector’s item is 416 euros, and it is already possible to pre-order it on the studio website to receive it between April and June.

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Recall that a symbiote dragon joined the battle against Knull, and we leave you to the cute Funko Pop! by Venom Thunderbolts.



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