Venom seeks revenge in a nearly two thousand dollar collectible statue

The quintessential anti-hero of the Marvel universe has come back to life in an expensive collectible statue produced by Sideshow PCS Collectibles. Price to take this home figures of Venom? Almost two thousand dollars

Sideshow PCS Collectibles brings the Marvel alien symbiote to life with a new statue. Inspired by the design of the Marvel Strike Force mobile video game, Venom is looking for revenge. The statue will appeal to many fans of the character, but the price is definitely prohibitive and not suitable for all budgets.

39 inches tall and 22 inches wide, the Venom statue provides a choice of two heads, leaving buyers free to decide whether to see Venom with his tongue out or with his disturbing grin. At 1: 3 scale, the figure is rich in detail, giving fans of the symbiote an identical representation.

The price to take the Venom statue home is 1750 dollars. Pre-orders are already active on the Sideshow Collectibles website, but shipments will start between May and July 2021. “It is an alien symbiote or, in civilian terms, a parasite, “you can read about in Sideshow’s presentation.” The dynamic 1: 3 scale statue is fully sculpted, with detailed musculature and symbiote tendrils snaking across its body. The statue includes two faces: one grinning showing the smile and sharp teeth and one open-mouthed with a twisted tongue. Eager to devour enemies as tasty snacks, this statue is a powerful ally for your Marvel collection. ” King in Black, a Venom spin-off, was recently announced. An extravagant team of superheroes comes to Venom Beyond Team.

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