Vanessa Morgan is pregnant, the announcement arrives on Instagram

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Male or female? Vanessa Morgan in the end she decided to reveal to Riverdale fans and all her followers that she was pregnant, virtually inviting them to the announcement party.

"I didn't know whether to keep this part of my life hidden but I knew people would see the photos with the baby bump sooner or later and I wanted you to know it from me, guys. I am overwhelmed by joy of being able to welcome my little baby next January. It's as if everything I thought important in life had changed … ".

Toni Topaz's interpreter admits that she has grown a lot since she learned the news, and addresses the child directly thanking him: "Small, you were created with much love and you already emit a light so intense that it warms my belly. I can't wait to dedicate myself every day to be the best mom possible. "

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To announce sex she and her husband Michael kopech had a party, attended by family and friends, in which there were blue and pink decorations and decorations, and the revelation seems to have come with an explosion of blue powder. A definitely important moment for the actress, who in the end decided to involve the fans in every possible way, even posting the result of the pregnancy test and the video of the first ultrasound.

Meanwhile, an author has spoken of the sex scenes in Riverdale, put at risk by the obligation to keep the distance between the actors, while Camilla Mendes has revealed her fears related to the character she plays.

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