Valorant: Riot Games Details Sage's Skills

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This next summer we can enjoy Valorant, a new title from Riot Games, the parents of League of Legends. And a few days ago, its creators assured that the game will hit the market (PC) with a total of 10 available characters.

However, of those ten characters, we know that only five will be controllable from the get-go. The rest will have to be unlocked by playing. Now, Riot Games has detailed one of those characters: Sage. Here we tell you what their skills will be.

First of all, it can be said that Sage is a character capable of giving herself protection. But also to her companions if they are close to her. To make matters worse, he is also a character capable of reviving
the allies killed. And if you want more, you should also know that Sage can prevent attacks. In short, he is a character who brings a little calm to the frantic battle.

But … how about his combat skills? Obviously, it also has offensive movements. And in that sense, the ability called "Orb of Slowdown" stands out. Basically its ability to summon a radiant orb that creates a deceleration field when hitting the ground. From then on, everyone who has been hit will be slowed down, anchored, and even make noise when moving.

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However, other abilities such as "Barrier Orb" are not far behind either. In this case, going back to the more defensive part and through another invocation. In this case, the ability allows us to summon a solid and long wall. And also, a right click is enough to rotate the wall before launching it.

Finally, the best skills for times of trouble. In which case we can choose the "Orb of Healing", which completely cures an ally or herself in a few seconds, or the "Resurrection". In the latter, Sage targets a murdered ally and, after a short time, revives him with his entire life.

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