Valorant and the Act I Battle Pass: last week to complete it

The authors of League of Legends, after having surprised the public with the announcement of a production linked to the universe of first person shooters, has in fact brought to the market a new videogame phenomenon.

Valorantalso thanks to its free to play nature, it quickly gathered around it a large number of gamers. To enrich the offer proposed by the title there is also the presence of a Battle Pass, whose current incarnation is divided into ten chapters. Linked toAct I, nearing its end, the latter is preparing to see its validity ended. Specifically, players will have time until the day of August 4 to complete the proposed contents: the Battle Pass will cease to be active at 14:00 PST, equivalent to 11 p.m. of the Italian time zone.

For players who are not yet familiar with the title and are interested in approaching production Riot Games, we point out that on the pages of Everyeye there is a guide to the first steps in Valorant, created by our Giovanni Panzano. Giovanni Calgaro instead dedicated himself to the drafting of a useful glossary of the technical terms most used in Valorant, thanks to which he could orient himself among the discussions and reflections of the vast community gathered around free to play.

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