Valeria Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Go see Valeria if you want a light, naughty, and clever drama. Valeria is a Spanish comedy-drama TV show for adults that was made for Netflix at first. It is based on the book En Los Zapatos se Valeria by Elisabet Benavent. The main character of the story is Valeria, who was displeased with her marriage and decided to live with her friends instead. The tv series has two seasons. Season 1 came out on May 8, 2020, and Season 2 came out on August 13, 2021. Each season has sixteen episodes that last between 37 and 46 minutes.

IMDb only gives the show 6.2 out of 10 stars, which means critics don’t like it as much. But it still has enough fans for a new season to be made. Yes, fans have been waiting for Valeria season 3 for such a short time. And they wanted to know what was going on with the renewal. So, don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know here.

What is the story of Valeria?

Valeria is a TV show that takes place in Madrid. It is a comedy-drama. Valeria is a TV show that started in Spain. In Valeria, a married author named Valeria is at the center of the story. One day, both her career and her marriage are in trouble. The show shows some of the problems Valeria faces and how she tries to solve them. Valeria finds peace with her friends after meeting them one day, and she starts to relish each moment of her life. The show tells viewers about the hard choices she makes on her own.

Valeria Season 3 Cast


  • Diana Gómez as Valeria
  • Silma López as Lola
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea
  • Maxi Iglesias as Víctor
  • Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrián
  • Juanlu González as Borja


  • Mero González as Zaida
  • Júlia Molins [es] as Cris
  • Aitor Luna as Sergio
  • Melissa Fernández as Carmen’s coworker
  • Esperanza Guardado as Lidia
  • Raquel Ventosa as Olga
  • Cris Iglesias as Gloria

Valeria Season 3 Plot

In the last few minutes of the last episode of the season, Valeria signed the divorce papers and said goodbye to Adrian with the help of her friends. They raised glasses of champagne to Valeria’s new stage of life. Valeria could try to make her own way in life and work and not go back to her ex-boyfriend in the next season. This means that Valeria will either meet someone new or not at all. Valeria’s new life could also be shown to new cast members in Season 3. Bruno Aguilar, who was introduced in Season 2 as an author at Valeria’s publisher, may or may not become important in Valeria’s life.

The show is based on a book series by Elsabet Benavent. So far, there are four books in the series, which came out between 2013 and 2015. These four books were the last ones in the series. In the first book, “In Valeria’s Shoes,” the main characters are introduced. Valeria in the Mirror is the second book in the series. It is about Valeria and her friends Nerea, Carmen, and Lola. Valeria in Black and White is the third book, and Valeria Naked is the last book in the series. Even though Netflix’s version of the book series is very different from the original stories, there are plenty of stories Netflix could use for another season.

Valeria Season 3 Release Date

The first season came out on May 8, 2020, and season 2 came out on August 13, 2021. After these two seasons, the show has become even more popular, so fans want to know what’s going on with Season 3. We all know that a show’s renewal depends on how well it did in its last season. So, like Valeria, season 2 came out on Netflix on August 13, 2021, and it’s been a long time since the streaming service or the creators said anything about it.

It looks like the show’s creators just heard what we wanted. Valeria has been officially picked up for a third season. Netflix said back in October 2021 that the third installment was going to be it’s final. Since this is the last season, we anticipate it to be the end of the story. Valeria season 3 has been confirmed, but we haven’t heard anything about when it will come out. As of right now, the creators haven’t said when it will come out, but we anticipate it to be soon.

Netflix picked up the show for a third and last season in October 2021. Since the show has already been renewed, fans of this issue won’t be let down by the people who make it. But, guys, season 3 of this show will be the last. After that, there won’t be any more new episodes of Valeria.

Where can I watch Valeria?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch the show there.

Valeria Season 3 Trailer

The first two seasons of the show did about as well as expected. The trailers for both movies can be found online and are easy to find. As far as Valeria’s season 3 trailer goes, it hasn’t been released yet because there has been no official news about the next chapter. If it gets a second season, the trailer might come out in 2023.

Valeria Ratings and Reviews


Valeria has a score of 6.5 on IMDb, which is based on 5,540 votes. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a score of 60%. The show has a PG-16+ rating because it has violence, sexual content, and a lot of other things that kids shouldn’t see. Some viewers have said that the show is like a modern version of “S*x and the City” and praised the plot for being unique, but some have been disappointed by the show. There were many different kinds of reviews, however, the majority of them were good.


Things were right, and it was set in Spain. When will this old saying about women who aren’t in relationships but always talk about them be over? If you always watch SATC, don’t bother with it. You’ll end up making comparisons, which gives the characters a chance to change, but that doesn’t happen until the end. Beautiful places and people, by the way.

This show was fun to watch because it was new and modern. I really like Lola and her great style. I watched the first season in one sitting, and now I’m on the second. I liked the second season better because the characters and stories grew. I think Valeria’s flaws explain why the rates are low, and I can’t help but wonder if Carrie Bradshaw was easy to like. Also, I don’t know who said it was like SATC, but there’s no reason to do so.


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