Valentine's test with the actors of 'To all the boys 2'

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If they put you in front of the ‘trio that stars in the second part of the romantic saga‘To all the boys that I fell in love with’From Netflix (Noah Centineo, Lana Condor and Jordan Fisher), What would you talk about? It is clear: about love. On the occasion of his premiere (yesterday, February 12) and one day from the beloved and hated February 14, we submit them to a brief Valentine's test, or what is the same, the perfect excuse to sneak into the love stories that have accompanied them so far in their real lives.

And, we all have a better (and worse) kiss, a strange date, a meal fav for that dinner, a first love or a posture with which you enjoy in bed. And Noah, Lana and Jordan, although they have become a mass phenomenon thanks to the success of these two romantic comedies, too.

Now, you'll have to hit the play to find out everything that the teenage stars of the new installment titled ‘To all the boys. P.S. I still love you' (now available on Netflix). We only give you three small advances: Lana did not know the first kiss was very tasty, Noah prefers a salad for a couple dinner (no pizza or hamburgers), and Jordan has suffered pumpkins. It is also curious to see how they refer to their current partners (they will not say that the best kiss was not with them, Ahem…), or remembering your first love.

Last year came the first part of this mass success, an original Netflix movie turned today into one of the most viewed, according to the platform of streaming. Now comes the second round of the sequel (February 12), ready for you to devour on this Valentine's weekend among popcorn, blanket and, of course, the company you choose.

"I think love is a universal theme. Everyone, or most, has ever been in love, or dreams of being. That's why it's very easy to feel identified with the characters in this story."tells us Jenny Han, the author of the teenage literary saga on which the films are based. "I like to talk to young people, and focus on first love. I think that at 32, or at 27, different people can pass through your life than you can forget. But first love … That yes it's special ", also continues the executive producer of the tapes.

And for those who have not yet fallen for the charms of the comedy that will return you to your adolescent love, we update you. The starting point of the story are letters (of love, of course) who writes the protagonist, the teenager Lara Jean (role he plays Wool Condor). The recipients? Five boys who have liked him since he has reason. Of course, Lana, shy and reserved, leaves her feelings in the bottom of the drawer, because her only intention is to satisfy her dose of romanticism. A secret that is safe until, suddenly, his little sister decides to leave them in the most obvious way: sending them the boys that Lara fell in love one day and that inspire his manuscripts.

Lana Condor in To all the boys I fell in love with 2


Lana Condor in To all the boys I fell in love with 2


With that ‘mischief’ is how the bond with Peter reappears –Noah Centineo– and John –Jordan Fisher-, two profiles of boys very different from each other, and that will put Lana in compromised situations. What does he stay with at the end? A mystery and a love triangle that will chase you in the hour and a half that lengthens ‘To all the boys. P.S. I still love you' and that we promise you, they will keep you entertained.

Know that the third part is confirmed (although without date), it will make you daydream even more eagerly in this premiere made for the most nostalgic. Sigh, and enjoy this cinephile session that will leave you wanting more.

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