'V Wars' and 'The October Faction' canceled: Netflix series will not have a second season

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It seems that Netflix has activated cleanup mode to get rid of its premiere series from the past few months that haven't worked as expected. A few days ago it was the turn of 'Messiah' and now The Hollywod Reporter has revealed the cancellations from 'V Wars' and 'The October faction'.

Two cancellations sung

Both series are based on comics, but the most striking cancellation is that of 'V Wars', since it supposed the television return of Ian Somerhalder after 'Vampiric Chronicles' and also in another series with bloodsuckers in between. Of course, considering that it premiered on December 5 and we still did not know anything about its future, it should not be a big surprise either.

Less had been said about 'October Faction', a sign that anticipated its cancellation, the story of a monster hunter and his family. Starring Tamara Taylor and J.C. MacKenzie, its first and only season premiered on January 23 of this year and did not achieve the success expected by Netflix.

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It seems unlikely that another chain or streaming platform will be interested in rescuing anyone Of the two, especially with how difficult it is to do something like this with a Netflix series, but we will be attentive to it.

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