Unusual: a former Boca player claims to have been kidnapped by aliens

Guillermo Marino, a former Boca midfielder, claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens. This was revealed by a former colleague of his at the University of Chile, Gustavo Lorenzetti.

"One day he was late saying that he had been taken by aliens, and he gave you the explanation of what he felt and everything," Lorenzetti recounted, who played with Marino in the Chilean team between 2010 and 2013).

The Argentine nationalized Chilean emerged from Rosario Central gave details of the incredible paranormal anecdote of his friend. "There are cases in which the player says: 'I left and returned two days later because the aliens kidnapped me.' But Guille is not of that class of players. Guille is very correct. Everyone knows him. He explained that he was suddenly lost and was kidnapped by aliens. And he explains that they take your soul, they analyze it and in the meantime they take care of you on the way. He explained such a thing ”, he expressed in dialogue with B side.

"I believed him because Guille is one of those serious people, he is not going to be late anywhere, he is very correct in everything. He is a believer and reads many books. I honestly believe in aliens. But the explanation he gave is very good and you have to believe him. So they will have to call it channels of other types of information so that he can tell it better. But hey … He was kidnapped by aliens, "he added with a laugh.

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The coach of the University of Chile was Jorge Sampaoli. Regarding how the Argentine coach acted, Lorenzetti added: "If Jorge Sampaoli believed him? I don't know if Guille has said the same thing to us, honestly. He will later have had a chat with him. But, knowing Guille, I think he must have believed him. What's it gonna be. It's for Discovery, one of those channels. "

Guillermo Marino, 39, debuted in 2000 at Newell’s and had three stages in Boca (2005-2007, 2009-2010 and 2014), where he obtained three titles internationals under the command of the Coco Basile: Copa Sudamericana (2005), Recopa Sudamericana (2006) and Copa Libertadores (2007). In addition, he defended the colors of Tigres de México and Atlético de Rafaela. After his retirement, he is part of the technical staff of Sebastián Beccacece since his time at Defense and Justice. They currently work at Racing de Avellaneda.


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