Unusual: a fan with the Argentina national team jersey interrupted the Barcelona game despite it being played behind closed doors

For weeks there was talk and discussion about strict protocols in the world to facilitate the return of football. Temperature controls, constant hygiene, reduction of facilities to a minimum in each stadium and courts with closed doors were some of the regulations that were repeated in Germany, Italy and Spain for the activity to restart. However, in one of the most anticipated matches around the planet since the action returned, a fanatic circumvented all kinds of protocol.

Seven minutes into the second half, a intruder with the shirt of the Argentine team burst into the playing field of the Son Moix Stadium without being warned by any security agent that those who were stationed on the sides of the field.

He entered the lawn, tried take a selfie with the defender Jordi Alba and then the television cameras stopped focusing him. The stoppage of play lasted for almost a minute until the referee decided to resume the action between Barcelona and Mallorca, who had all the eyes of the world posed there by the presence of a rejuvenated Lionel Messi.

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The photographers cameras Those present did follow the scene and showed how they managed to stop the young man among five security agents, when the boy (who wore Messi's 10 in Argentina) tried to approach the Barcelona captain.

In this new world order that governs, one of the details that also drew attention was that the young man he did not wear a mask, although the big question that will be posed now around this fact will be to understand how did you break the strict controls that the venues of all the leagues that have already enabled their activity are held.

The campus Blaugrana he had entered quarantine on March 13 after learning of the suspension of the match he had to face for the Champions League. Almost two months later, on May 6, Messi and company appeared at the facilities of the Catalan club to undergo the tests of the Covid-19 and days later they began training with a view to this re-launch by Liga against Mallorca.


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