Until You Fall on PS4 and PS VR: the action in Virtual Reality arrives at the end of September

The US authors of Schell Games take advantage of Sony’s week dedicated to PS VR to set the release date on PlayStation 4 of Until You Fall, an action fantasy in Virtual Reality with an “impact” combat system, that is, linked to a profound physical engine that accentuates its realism.

The latest work of the Pittsburgh software house that, in the past, has discussed the potential of PlayStation VR 2 on PS5, projects us into a post-apocalyptic dimension to make us wear the shoes of the Rune Knight, a warrior who survived the collapse of the gods civilization Rokari caused by the misuse of cosmic energy known as Aether.

Until You Fall gameplay relies on a synthwave soundtrack to recreate particularly frenetic battles on screen, in which to show off chained attacks, spells and elusive moves using Aether and a wide range of weapons.

Our task will therefore be to restore order in a world dominated by chaos: for this reason, the guys from Schell Games have linked the combat system to a physics engine that emphasizesimpact of every blow dealt or received by the Rune Knight against an army of monstrous luminescent creatures. Until You Fall is scheduled to be released on 29 September 2020 on PlayStation 4: the title, already available on PC in Early Access since August last year, can be enjoyed only and exclusively in Virtual Reality through PS VR.

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