Unreal Engine 5 will bring "a quantum leap" to PS5 and Xbox Series X according to Epic

Yesterday we were all pleasantly surprised regarding the Unreal Engine 5. The new graphics engine from Epic Games, and which will be used not only by the next generation consoles but also by current platforms. And although it will not be until the middle of the next year 2021 that we will really discover it, Epic continues to make statements that raise expectations wherever they go.

Today, they assure that UE5 will be able to bring a “quantum leap” to PS5 and Xbox Series X. What exactly are they referring to? As simple as the qualitative leap we will notice twice in this generation. On the one hand, thanks to the hardware of the consoles themselves; and on the other thanks to the virtues of the new engine.

The remarks have been made by Epic Games chief technology officer Kim Libreri. This has granted an interview to the VentureBeat medium. And in it he has argued in an easily understandable way what exactly he means. Basically Epic is talking about a technological leap of two generations instead of one. You can read what he has commented on below.

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“The next generation of consoles will give developers and consumers a quantum leap in their gaming experience. Unreal Engine 5 is another leap in addition to that. It feels like two generations of quality improvement, due to this new technology that we’ve been brought to life. The future is very bright for gamers and anyone who uses our engine for any application. I’m pretty sure our friend Jon Favreau (executive producer of The Mandalorian, who uses Unreal Engine), when he sees this demo, going to ask if you can have it in your movie sets. “.

Screenshots from the Unreal Engine 5 PS5 tech demo

Finally, Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games) also spoke in the interview. And he has commented on his opinion on the matter. Basically, to reiterate that the engine has no more limits than those that set the budget or the time of development. You can read their statements just below this paragraph.

“What you can do with unlimited geometry and high bandwidth for data transmission really uncovers games. You can build whatever you want right now. It’s just a matter of budget, scale, and development team. There is no artificial limit. “.


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