Unknown 9 Awakening, between puzzles and mysterious sites: intriguing clues about the next gen game!

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2020, Bandai Namco took advantage of the showcase offered by the Opening Night Live to present the Unknown 9 Awakening reveal trailer to the public.

Intended exclusively for the next gen, the title is being worked on at the studios of Reflector Entertainment and constitutes an intriguing cross-media project, ready to develop also through a novel, a comic and a podcast. Recently, Bandai Namco released the first images of Unknown 9 Awakening, but more production clues have made an appearance online.

In the game’s announcement trailer, a reference to a mysterious can be seen for a few seconds “Kolkata Science Institute“, of which an official website is available (accessible via the link at the bottom of this news). In addition to a presentation that informs us that the institute is involved in” interdisciplinary research “aimed at improving living conditions in India and in several developing countries, some puzzles are available on the portal. By solving them, we learn some details about the narrative context of Unknown 9 Awakening.

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The game, in particular, appears to be set in the late nineteenth century. The young girl seen in the trailer responds to the name of Haroona and, through the tale of two brothers, we learn to be able to manipulate time. Concluding the process of solving the clues, you access a test on a further portal. Through the latter, you are assigned one personality by the LIST, a mysterious company founded in 1888 and dedicated to research on the paranormal. Each of these sees a different distribution of values ​​relating to five parameters: intuition, logic, courage, charisma, awareness.

At the moment, Unknown 9 Awakening lacks a specific launch window, but the game remains expected for 2021 its PC, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X.


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