Under Suspicion, the face to face between Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman after The Ruthless

Tonight he returns to Italian televisions Under Suspiction, a 2000 thriller directed by Stephen Hopkins which boasts a stellar cast consisting of Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman and Monica Bellucci.

Based on the novel State of Fermo (Brainwash) by John Wainwright, from which the French film is also taken Looked at sight of 1981, the film begins with the discovery of the corpses of two little girls in San Juan, during the carnival celebrations. Captain Benezet (Freeman) suspects his friend-enemy Henry Hearst (Hackman), a wealthy lawyer. During the interrogation that will last all night, Benetez will try to make Hearst confess, giving life to a psychological and nervous war, closed between the walls of the police station.

In addition to having reunited Freeman and Hackman after The Merciless, a twilight masterpiece by Clint Eastwood who saw the two actors respectively as Ned Logan and Sheriff Little Bill Daggett, Under Suspicion he signed one of the last roles of the great Gene, then definitively retired from acting in 2004.

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"It really costs me very emotionally to look at myself on the screen" Hackman had explained about his departure from Hollywood. "I think of myself and I feel like I'm very young, then I look at this old man with drooping cheeks and I see tired eyes, receding hair and everything else. I have no intention of playing great grandfather roles."

For further details, we refer you to curiosities about Morgan Freeman's life and career.


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