Ultron is responsible for the shortage of toilet paper in a new Marvel image

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Times of crisis always unleash the best and worst of the human being. Ever since the World Health Organization declared that we are suffering a pandemic due to the coronavirus, supermarkets have begun to have a massive rain of purchases, with toilet paper being the first item to run out, curiously. This is due to FOMO syndrome (Fear of missing out) or fear of missing something, in this sense, not having what everyone else has.

A former Marvel Studios executive, Charlie Wen, He shared on Twitter an image that shows Ultron, the main enemy of Avengers: The Age of Ultron, hoarding a good amount of toilet paper. Wen was the artist who helped launch the visual development department of Marvel studios.

"So that's where all the toilet paper went!" Wen jokes. "In all seriousness, I hope you all stay healthy and safe in these tough times. Stock up, but don't go crazy like Ultron here. Leave something for your neighbors! ", Ends the artist.

Ultron made his debut in the second installment of the saga Avengers, being a fearsome villain capable of spreading terror wherever he passed. There is still speculation about whether the character could return by having part of his consciousness hidden in some corner.

On the other hand, this is not the only one meme that the crisis of the COVID-19. Despite the hard times we have had to live through, some artists and celebrities strive to lift the spirits of the population by sharing memes of their favorite characters. This was the case of Josh Brolin and Thanos in a funny image in which the villain tested positive for coronavirus.

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