Ulquiorra of Bleach shows herself in an amazing and provocative female cosplay

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As you may remember, over the past few weeks we have often talked about Bleach and, in particular, about its animated adaptation, which after years and years of waiting is now preparing to finally return to the small screen to go and treat the last arc narrative of paper production.

As was easily imaginable, the news has been able to rekindle the interest of the public which, after a long time spent in general silence, has returned to ignite social media, between conjectures and hypotheses on what we are going to see and, above all, on how the various events will be re-proposed. Furthermore, along with the many posts that have come on the web, many fans have decided to pay homage to the work (and celebrate its return) with a whole series of excellent fanmade works, including fan-art and cospaly.

Well, this time to have gained the spotlight was the beloved cosplayer Ulquiorra, who in fact decided to publish his latest Bleach-themed work on his Instagram profile. Going into more detail, cosplay – which you can see in depth news – focuses on a splendid and provocative Ulquiorra presented to us in a female sauce and made with all the trappings of the case. The attention in the reproduction of tattoos and in the reconstruction of the clothing was obsessive, with a final result that, as was easy to imagine, was able to earn the praise of countless fans.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that recently it has been announced that interesting news about the anime dedicated to Bleach will arrive very soon.

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