Ubisoft sues Google and Apple for allowing the sale of a copy of Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against Google and Apple in the Los Angeles courts for allowing the sale of a mobile video game called Area F2 that is a copy of Rainbow Six Siege no matter where you look.

“Virtually every aspect of Area F2 is copied from Rainbow Six Siege” can be read in the document presented.”From the agent selection to the scoring screen and everything in between. Ubisoft’s competitors are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of the popularity of Rainbow Six Siege and capture the attention and money of its players.”

The developers of Area F2 are the Chinese of Enjoy, one of the studios owned by Alibaba, therefore it is believed that the complaint is targeted at Google and Apple due to the costs and difficulties involved in using a Chinese company from outside the country. Ubisoft’s hopes are likely to be that the game download will be removed in both digital stores.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s success is incontestable now that they have carved out a niche for themselves in the competitive FPS market that Counter-Strike has led with a steady hand for years. They have managed to find an experience unlike anything before and have updated the experience for years for free and thanks to constant communication with a very loyal community and a competitive environment that has even seen the holding of several international competitions with great considerable production levels and assists.

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