Ubisoft Forward: the leaks may not have revealed every surprise

Over the past few days, as often happens for the French company, many of the news to be announced on the stage of theUbisoft Forward have been anticipated by a series of leaks. However, according to a well-known insider, there may be more tonight.

To support it is the insider Tidux, which is usually linked to the PlayStation world and has not always managed to win the trust of its followers due to some tweets that have not had any response. According to what the user said, gamers should tune in to the channels that broadcast Ubisoft Forward tonight, suggesting that there will be some surprises. If we consider that the leaks have hit numerous games and that the Far Cry 6 trailer is now online, it is difficult to imagine what Ubisoft's trump card might be. During the event we will also talk about Assassin's Creed Valhalla, whose release date was also leaked, and of Watch Dogs Legion, but it is out of the question that the "surprises" may concern these two games.

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At this point we can imagine that in the next few hours a new game will also be announced, perhaps with a simple teaser, which will delight fans. As you can easily imagine, there are already those who are traveling with the mind and speculate that it may be a new one Splinter Cell or chatted Prince of Persia, but both are unlikely ads if we consider recent statements and rumors from the company.

Waiting to find out if there will really be an unexpected announcement, we remind you that you can follow the live broadcast in our company on the Everyeye Twitch channel and that on our pages you will find the guide on how to get Watch Dogs 2 and the other Twitch Drops for free during the Ubisoft Forward.


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