Two Weeks To Live, HBO Max buys the series with Maisie Williams: here is the first trailer

It will be HBO Max to broadcast in the United States the new TV series starring Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams. Let’s see the first trailer together.

The American streaming platform HBO Max focuses on Maisie Williams and the new Sky Original Two Weeks To Live, the six-episode comedy produced by Charlotte Surtees (Seconds from Disaster, True Heroes) and directed by Al Campbell (Dead Pixels, Man Down).

Two Weeks To Live tells “A comic story made of love and revenge, born from a seemingly harmless joke, which will take a totally unexpected (and tragic) turn. Kim Noakes, a rather bizarre young adult, has been ‘kidnapped’ and forced to live in the wilderness by her own mother, who has been preparing her for the end of the world ever since her father’s murder, which is for much of her life. life. With the desire to finally venture outside of her ‘comfort zone’, Kim decides to set off in search of her father’s killer, and on the way she will meet a mismatched pair of brothers, Jay and Nicki, who will eventually join to her and her crazy schemes“we read in the official synopsis of the series, and some hints of it can also be seen in the trailer that you find at the head of the news.

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Besides Maisie Williams, in the cast of the show that will debut on November 5 in America (but already airing in the UK) we also find Sian Clifford, Sean Pertwee, Mawaan Rizwan, Jason Flemyng, Taheen Modak and Thalissa Teixeira.


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