Twitter now allows you to choose which users will be able to reply to your messages

Experiments continue in Twitter to try to find the optimal way to manage conversations and improve their quality. The latest test the company has done is to let a small percentage of users choose who can reply to their public messages.

As you can see in this image when publishing a message it would be possible to choose what type of user can answer us. The differences are explained in the official blog of the application as follows:

Before publishing your Tweet, you will be able to choose between three options – everyone (this is the default setting), only people you follow, or only people you mention. In the case of the last two options, Tweets will be tagged and the reply icon will appear gray so that people are clear that they cannot reply. The rest of the people will be able to see it, Retweet, Retweet with Comments or Like Tweets.

It is important to stop and comment that even limiting the responses to certain users they will be able to quote our messages without a problem. This is one of the most used means to expose a comment with which we do not agree or give our opinion on a specific publication, which continues to be active even when limiting the responses, it is a somewhat strange decision.

To have a useful public conversation it is key to be able to participate and understand what is happening. So we’re exploring how we can improve the settings to give people more opportunities to evaluate and control the conversations they initiate. Along with these tests, we are also making it easier to read the conversations from a tweet with a new design to see the answers and making the Retweets with comments more accessible.

In this piece of information, it is even mentioned that Retweets with comments will be more accessible since it is evident that the company knows that it is one of the most used types of messages on the platform since they were implemented. They also seem to be working on a way of reading conversations that is more comfortable than the current one, which is really chaotic.


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