Twin Mirror: Mental Palace gameplay reveals thriller release date

The Twin Mirror event organized by Dontnod was the backdrop to the announcement of the launch date of their latest investigative thriller, complete with gameplay videos that immerse us in the supernatural atmosphere of the title with the scenes of the Mental Palace of the protagonist Sam Higgs.

In a desperate attempt to reunite with his family, the former journalist we will play will return to the hometown of Basswood and will use his analytical skills by commuting between the real dimension and the Mental Palace, a place of his subconscious that will help him piece together the puzzle of riddles related to this small town in West Virginia.

The singular narrative approach adopted by Dontnod will reflect on the gameplay dynamics to produce an original playful experience, or at least this is the promise made by the authors of Life is Strange and the recent Tell Me Why as they describe their latest project in the video that stands at the top of the news.

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The Sam Higgs Mental Palace will play a central role in the Twin Mirror gaming experience: thanks to it, we will be able to relive the protagonist’s past with highly interactive flashback sequences in the company of the Double, an ideal representation of Sam who will guide him on these journeys to help him make progress in the investigation.

The latest gameplay video of Twin Mirror informs us of the arrival of the latest Dontnod thriller on PC (exclusively Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for theDecember 1, 2020.


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