Twilight: will the Midnight Sun novel become a movie? A director of the saga speaks

Edward and Bella made the history of contemporary fantasy cinema and, years after the last chapter, the fifth novel of the Twilight saga was recently announced. The news surprised fans very much, who can't help but wonder if a new transposition will also come. To tell her the director Catherine Hardwicke.

The American filmmaker commented on the forthcoming distribution of the novel, stating that "would be interesting (directing an adaptation of Midnight Sun). The project is definitely fascinating. Now Robert (Pattinson) is entangled with Batman and Kristen (Stewart) with a million wonderful projects. Who can say what will happen?". Pattinson himself recently commented on the saga, admitting that Twilight also had a very strange plot for him: he and the Kristen Stewart will they be willing to return for a possible sixth film?

For years he has been fabulous about Midnight Sun since Meyer herself revealed years ago that she is struggling with writing a new chapter, it is already 10 years ago the alleged draft of the novel went around the web, stimulating the imagination of fans and giving life to numerous stories and fan-fiction spin-offs. All we know is that Midnight Sun will fill the narrative holes of the previous chapters, but it has not yet been revealed in what time it will be set and if we will find young Edward and Bella or if it will instead focus on the love story between the daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

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