Twilight, two more books coming after Midnight Sun? Stephenie Meyer speaks

Apparently the world of Twilight is still to be discovered: after Midnight Sun, the author of the saga, Stephenie Meyer, would have in the pipeline two other books set in that universe.

In international bookstores the latest book by Stephenie Meyer dedicated to the world of Twilight, Midnight Sun has already made its debut at the top of the bestseller charts (despite the conflicting opinions on its quality), while here in Italy we will have to wait until September 24 to find it in bookstores.

Meanwhile, however, during a virtual promotional event for the book for the American bookstore chain Books-A-Million, the writer announced that she still had a couple of volumes inspired by the vampire saga in mind.

"I believe there are two other books set in that world that I would like to write. I already have an otline for both of them, and I wrote the first chapter of one of them, so the ideas are there. But I'm not ready to do it yet, I would like to do something new (first)"replies when asked about possible spin-offs, as you can also see in the video at the bottom of the news.

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As for the subject of potential additions to the saga, it seems to be certain only that they will not be told from Edward's point of view, since writing from her perspective "really makes me anxious", said the author in a previous interview.

Who do you think could be the protagonists of the new books? And can as many films come out of it? Let us know your ideas.


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