Trailer and poster for ONE PIECE volume 96: the release is dedicated to the Pirate King

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Like every month, Weekly Shonen Jump kicks off its manga sales. As the magazine is very popular, the many titles published will force fans to attack physical and digital comics in Japan, this month even more than usual since theexpected volume of ONE PIECE.

The tankobon number 96 of ONE PIECE debuted in Japanese stores today April 3, 2020 and for the occasion Shueisha promoted the launch as much as possible. He has in fact prepared a short promotional trailer that you can view above. In a few seconds, the jolly roger of the Mugiwara waves, then giving way to the cover of volume 96. The screen, widening, shows some fundamental tables in the history of ONE PIECE where we talk about the Pirate King, the D and the mythical hidden treasure on Laugh Tale. To accompany there are many more or less known voices including Roger's laughter. In fact, the volume will focus on the flashback of Oden and on reaching the last island of the Rotta Maggiore.

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In addition, in order to still attract fans, Shueisha had a ONE PIECE poster to be affixed in newsagents and comics. The protagonists on a red background are none other than Roger's pirates, the legendaries who were recently unveiled in the SBS of volume 96 of ONE PIECE. The arrival of an exceptional tankobon is undoubtedly announced for those who only follow the outputs in volume format. Always the same tankobon confirmed the exceptional sales of ONE PIECE worldwide.

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