Tower of God: the Webtoon resumes in November, author confirmation arrives

A few hours ago, through a post published on his personal blog, the author SIU officially confirmed the resumption of Tower of God serialization, after the abrupt interruption last September. The author has confirmed that the publication will resume in mid-September, and that no further pauses are currently planned.

SIU started work on Tower of God in 2010, and published the first 110 chapters of the story on the official Webtoon website on July 1, 2014. The publication has been going on steadily for about ten years now, and at the moment the story is stopped at the chapter. 485. The author had announced a hiatus on 22 September, in order to release the stress accumulated due to the enormous workload, and is ready to return to business in less than a month.

As for the anime, at the moment Crunchyroll and Webtoon have not expressed themselves in any way, but a renewal for Season 2 seems likely. The first 12 episodes adapted 78 chapters of the Webtoon, and given the success of the series, it is possible that the green light for the production of Tower of God 2 will soon be given.

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