Tower of God: the author talks about the works that most influenced him

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Tower of God it was a real revelation of the autumn season, imposing itself as one of the most interesting series of the Crunchyroll Originals program. Recently the author of the original work, SIU, revealed in an interview some interesting curiosities about his past as a reader:

"After entering school, my parents would not allow me to read comics at home. The only ones I could read were books borrowed from friends or from school. I read the manhwa (Korean comic) Kid gang and many of the series considered part of the golden age of manhwa, such as Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods, Diet Go Go, Toy Soldier and Invincible Ryuhi. The Japanese manga that influenced me the most were Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Akira and Parasyte. "

"A volume of Dragon Ball was the first manga that I begged on my knees to my parents. It was an arbitrary volume and, although it didn't give me the beginning or the end of the story, it was so fun and brand new that I read it all the time. That's why, rather than a specific comic book, I really enjoyed reading all the ones I stumbled upon. Although it was difficult to get them, comics are very precious and of fundamental importance to me ".

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The first season of Tower of God has just ended, here's where to start reading the webtoon. The author of Tower of God commented on the end of the animated series with a special message addressed to his fans.

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