Toni Nadal: "Rafael learned looking for personal satisfaction over victories"

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Toni Nadal, who was coach of Rafael Nadal for 27 years, he said at a conference during the 2019 Valencia Employment Fair, that his nephew finds the motivation to stay on top after so many years in his fighting spirit.

Nadal has recovered this week the world number one after a season in which he has won Roland Garros and the United States Open, which has left a single Grand Slam of the historic record of 20 held by the Swiss Roger Federer.

"Rafael finds motivation in his fighting spirit, winning is not so much. Sometimes he has a small downturn when the pains are incessant but he is almost always motivated, "said Toni Nadal, who added that" he learned to play with difficulty, always seeking personal satisfaction over victories. "

The usual rivals

The Spanish coach's former coach joked about his nephew's two historic rivals, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, whom he ironically advised that they should spend more time with their respective families and leave tennis.

"Federer is a guy who is older, has 38 years and four children, what he has to do is be more with his family and not playing and if he told Djokovic, who has two children, their families and Rafael they would appreciate it, "he said, causing the laughter of a crowded auditorium at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia.

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Talent + Work

During his talk titled Everything can be trained, Toni Nadal stressed the importance of constant work to improve professional performance and not be conformist. "Our main challenge for many years was to work to improve because it is the only thing that really depends on us. The final talent is the sum of the talent initial plus job. Less talent must add more work, "he said.

During question time, he was questioned that he would advise a player if the opponent in front was Rafael Nadal, to which he commented ironically that if they were on stage Federer and Djokovic could respond better because they have won several times. "It would be complicated because he is a guy who always look for solutions. If anything, I would tell him to play as Federer, who does everything very fast, although it is very difficult to play like that, "he concluded.

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