Tomb Raider: a cosplay of Lara Croft takes us back to the first video games

Who does not remember Lara Croft, the beautiful protagonist of Tomb Raider? In the 90s, for every owner of the historic PlayStation, the game with the archaeologist was almost mandatory.

Although the square shapes of the woman and the trick to lock the butler in the cold room are mainly remembered of that era, Tomb Raider remains one of the most important video games in world gaming history.

Before the reboot in recent years with the new Tomb Raider line, Lara Croft is a mature, cynical and cold woman born in 1996 with the first video game in the series, who completed missions for personal enjoyment. We have seen her with many outfits over the course of the series and the Lara Croft cosplay created by Danielle Vedovelli shows us one.

Below you can see three photos of a Lara Croft with braided brown hair, orange sunglasses, sleeveless blue sweater and very short brown shorts. Of course, there is no lack of all the paraphernalia with belts fastened to the waist.

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There is not only the disguise of Danielle Vedovelli: Enji Night has also created a Lara Croft in two versions, as well as the model Shermiecos who has in turn created and posted on Instagram a cosplay of the historic protagonist of Tomb Raider.


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