Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Ubisoft apologizes and removes the raised black fist

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a free-to-play RPG starring some of the most well-known characters of IP Ubisoft such as Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon, The Division, Splinter Cell, HAWX and EndWar, is available for a few days on mobile devices, but has already given life to a big controversy.

It was the ones that triggered it images of a raised black fist that appear in the intro movie, as they give the impression of connecting the fictional terrorist group present in the game (called Umbra) with the Black Lives Matter movement, which instead has a completely different purpose. In the Umbra video it is described how “a new threat emerged to take advantage of civil unrest”. Ubisoft acknowledged the complaints, publicly apologized and committed to permanently remove those images.

“The images that appeared in the introductory sequence of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad showing a ‘raised fist’ are numb and harmful, both to their inclusion and how they are depicted”, reads the press release entrusted to the Twitter pages. “We listened to the players, and we appreciated that the community pointed this out to us. We apologize.”

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The removal of images will be effective on Android devices from September 1st, when a new update of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is released. The same patch will also arrive on iOS “as soon as possible”.


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