Todd Phillips understands Martin Scorsese because Joker is not a superhero movie to use

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Although Todd Phillips' mission has not been so much to defend Martin Scorsese's words but rather to defend that criticism of him has been inordinate, his statements may surprise more than one. Basically, he has claimed that he can understand what his partner said about superhero movies. The reason? His own Joker It is a film very different from the rest of its genre.

Statements that have come as a result of both sharing words in the round table of directors of The Hollywood Reporter of this 2019. This is what Phillips has commented on the subject: "Marty received a lot of criticism for what he said, but I understand it completely. We were fighting for Joker, which sounds fun because it exists in the world of superheroes, but it's really not one of those movies.".

In fact, we must remember that Scorsese was involved in the early stages of production of the film, with Warner Bros. In any case, Phillips has taken the opportunity to talk about the difficulties of making Joker a film so different from other superhero productions of the moment.

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According to Phillips it was complicated that Warner Bros. understood that concept of anti-comic that is Joker for the director. In addition, he says there were many changes within Warner Bros. during that time, which made it difficult for those who arrived to accept that radical change for WB. However, Phillips says Blair Rich, the marketing manager, defended the idea until the end.

And you? What do you think about these statements by Todd Phillips? Do you think that Joker will open new ways to explore the superhero cinema for the future?

Source: Comicbook

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