To Your Eternity: Fushi and the other protagonists finally have a voice for the anime

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Yoshitoki Oima has amazed and moved us with his Form of the Voice. For several years, however, he has been struggling with a new manga, To Your Eternity, also known as Fumetsu no Anata E. For some months now, Weekly Shonen Magazine has announced the To Your Eternity anime production.

After this revelation, followed by the distribution of the first trailer of To Your Eternity, the voices of the protagonists of the product were finally confirmed. In the 20 episodes of the first season, we will see the following cast:

  • Reiji Kawashima will give the voice to Fushi;
  • Rie Hikisaka will give the voice to March;
  • Aya Uchida will give the voice to Parona;
  • Rikako Aikawa will give the voice to Pioran;
  • Kenjiro Tsuda will give the voice to The Beholder.

To Your Eternity will debut in October 2020 in the NHK Educational transmission block and will lead us to the discovery of life and death seen through Fushi's eyes. The 20 episodes are directed by Masahiko Murata (Naruto Shippuden, Baby Steps) who will collaborate on the Brains Base studio. Koji Yabuno will take care of the character design while Shinzo Fujita will take care of the composition of the series. The manga is also published in simulpub on Crunchyroll, in English, while in Japan it has been running on Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2016.

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