Titans 3, a first look at the Red Hood in the HBO Max series

By sharing an official video on his profile Instagram, the actor Curran Walters gave a juicy preview to his fans, revealing that tomorrow, Monday 26 October, it will almost certainly be revealed the look of his Red Hood (Red Hood) in the third season of Titans, exclusive HBO Max.

In fact, in the movie we see the logo of the series and then the date of tomorrow, while in a very fast flash it arrives the word Red Hood, which could even be the subtitle of the season. We’ll find out tomorrow, anyway.

The actor played the role of Jason Todd in previous seasons of the series, but fans of the Batman universe know well that in the comics it is the ex-Robin to assume the identity of the ruthless Red Hood, after being knocked out by the Joker.

It is likely that the series reinterprets the original material in a completely different way, but certainly the character of Walters it will undergo a rather important evolution during the new episodes. Moreover, the detachment towards the team had already begun to be clear, and we just have to find out how everything will be managed, also in light of the new characters announced for Titans.

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In unsuspecting times, the actor had already said its about being able to play Red Hood: “That would be very cool. It all depends on what the writers decide and where they decide to go. It would be great to even get to that storyline in Titans sooner or later.

Unfortunately we still don’t know much about the release date of the third season, but the actors are no longer in the skin and also Brenton Thwaites had teased fans with updates on Nightwing’s costume.


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