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 Tim Blake Nelson believes that Marvel movies can negatively affect other genres

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Image of Samuel Sterns in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

We continue with the theme of criticism of Marvel movies but this time we do it with someone with a great connection in comic and superhero projects, when talking about the actor Tim Blake Nelson. This, although always in secondary roles, has participated as Samuel Sterns (and future Leader in the comics) in "The incredible Hulk", like Dr. Allen on the reboot "Fantastic four" of 2015 and we currently have it in a more leading role as Wade Tillman / Looking Glass in the series "Watchmen" from HBO.

The actor acknowledges being somewhere in between, coinciding in part with what Martin Scorsese said, who criticized Marvel movies when he said that the "amusement park" movies are not "movies." Nelson does not share the idea that Marvel movies, or in general those of superheroes, are not movies, because there is a great artistic section behind them, but he does agree that given how the industry works, they can have a negative impact on other genres.

I think, of course, that they can be movies. I love Martin Scorsese movies, I've seen them all, I'll see them all. I think he is an extraordinary man and an extraordinary filmmaker, one of the best he has ever breathed. I think he defined a genre, I wouldn't say he created it but he did redefine what gangster movies are. When he has left that genre, the films he has made have been extraordinary. Does it make movies, in the highest sense? Yes absolutely. But I think a movie like ‘Logan’ It is cinema. And I think there are images that appear in Marvel movies that are absolutely cinematic.

Where I agree with him is that because there is a lot of money involved, I think so, there is a kind of… certain aspect artists by committee in superhero movies that can threaten the authorship that Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola or the Coen brothers have or Paul Thomas Anderson, many of these artists or even me in my little movies that a few see. I think that once that is threatened, I think that is probably not good when it comes to the risks you want an artist to assume.

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