Thor: Discover the fun reference to Natalie Portman in Gwenpool

Natalie Portman is ready to steal the show from Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder, but even before wearing the red cape and the winged helmet she becomes part of the Marvel superheroes through a nice meta-cinematic reference contained in Gwenpool.

The comic in question tells the adventures of an anti-heroine who proposes herself as the perfect fusion between Deadpool and Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy. Obviously, Wade Wilson's own satirical attitude often resumes: we have heard Deadpool joke about the Marvel universe several times and refer to the actors who play the various roles in the cinema.

In a similar way Gwenpool mentioned the character named Jane Foster, in the new version that we will see in the cinema in a short time. During one of her missions the protagonist of the comic runs into the new Thor and is forced to clash with her, but apparently she does not seem to remember the name of her darling: "What's your name? Um … Natalie Portman plays it … JANE !!!".

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The Asgardian raises her threateningly and asks for explanations. Gwen Poole then admits she is his big fan. Another easter egg based on the breaking of the fourth wall which helps to bring the various Marvel universes closer together in a nice way.

It was Natalie Portman herself who revealed the start of filming for the next Thor, which for Taika Waititi will be very romantic.


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