This was the original script of 'Final Destination'

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Two decades, twenty years, seven thousand and a half days have passed since 'Final destination'hit theaters. So to celebrate his birthday the same Jeffrey Reddick, whoever was the screenwriter who created the story, has released his written original, the one that was directed to a chapter of 'Expendiente X' and ended up being the idea for a tape that would distribute New Line Cinema.

Because 'Final Destination' was born from a non-commissioned script that Jeffrey Reddick had created for the 'X-Files' series, who had been inspired by a magazine article People detailing a mother's premonition that her daughter's flight was doomed to explode. Convinced by a friend of the distributor, Reddick decided to turn his creepy story about the inescapability of death into a script for a movie. So his first step was rework the central idea of ​​that script that was directed for a chapter in the mythical series of supernatural events. It developed a total of 12 pages that, under the working title 'Flight 180' was sold to New Line Cinema. A voice bought the story, Reddick began writing the full plot.

However, this script was not the one that arrived at the time of filming, as it was rewritten by Glen Morgan and James Wong (the latter also directed), who finally took over the project. And although it is in the public domain to know broadly what the differences were between the initial concept and the result, such as the fact that the central threat of the film was changed from a shadowy figure to something invisible, now with this new open draft new details have been discovered. For example, the original story itself had a tone bleaker and more disturbing psychological game. Because the Reddick villain uses the emotional and psychological weaknesses of his victims to push them towards the suicide, leading to some pretty creepy pieces that reveal the writer's obvious love for 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.

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As Reddick himself has revealed that in this draft "the treatment is different, it also focused on a teacher and some other adults. My love for 'A Nightmare on Elm Street is there'. I think James Wong and Glen Morgan definitely did a great choice to actually base it more on Rube Goldberg's angle. I think that made death a more universal threat, while this version made it more personal to the people who cheated on it. "

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Of course, in this original script most of the names of the characters they are different, and also you have to add the name of an intriguing Randall Sykes, a member of a disaster survivor support group that helps guide characters understand their situation supernatural with stories about predestination and premonition. But you can take a look at all the differences on the Bloody Disgusting website, who have posted these original pages, provided by Jeffrey Reddick himself, to the delight of horror fans.

Although it seems to many that it was yesterday, it has given time for this classic thriller horror adds four more sequels. Although the last one arrived in 2011, a sixth installment is already underway and will be created by experts in psychological terror. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, responsible for some deliveries of 'Saw'.

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