This was said by Angelique Boyer about her relationship with Sebastián Rulli and her maternity plans

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After 5 years of relationship, Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli They have become one of the most solid couples of the show, but they have not yet decided to have children in common, because although the Argentine actor is already a father, at the moment the actress does not want to enlarge the family.

The soap opera protagonist gave an interview to the Mamás Latinas portal, where she made this and other confessions about her future projects and possible motherhood.

Angelique explained that she still has time to think about it and to prepare herself, because she considers that motherhood is something that should be felt, in addition to pointing out that when seeing the current panorama it is not very prudent to bring children to the world.

“I greatly admire moms and I will talk about a close example, for example, my actresses friends. If I have a workload and I also have to get home, take care of myself, take care of the house and also take care of my boyfriend and I admire that responsibility that actresses women may have, women who do what they also have to come home to tend to their children, my respects, ”said the actress.

And I add: "But for the same reason that I have had all these close examples, I think that it is something that I must not do unconsciously or at the moment that I do not believe corresponds to my need or my desire to be a mother. I still have to think about it or to prepare myself for that, I think it is something that must be of instinct and that you should be born and that the right moment arrives and not right now.

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And finally, Boyer took the opportunity to talk about Sebastián Rulli, whom he described as a man full of life that has made his existence happy, besides that he has woken her up in many ways. He even said he loves to accompany him and go hand in hand, because it ensures that among them there is a very good balance.

Before beginning his engagement with Rulli, Angelique maintained a romantic relationship with producer José Alberto “el Güero” Castro, which began in 2010, during the recordings of the soap opera 'Teresa', later, in September 2014, it became official His romance with Sebastian.

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