'This shit surpasses me', the new series of the director of 'The End of th F *** ing World', already has a release date

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Teenage stories They are inexhaustible and Netflix is ​​still betting on this reef that gives them so much joy. 'Elite', whose end seemed close, will have a longer journey; 'Sex Education' is on everyone's lips and the return of 'Stranger Things' causes anxiety among its fans. Other proposals such as 'Baby' also work as a shot and 'Ares' wants to sign up a bit … and we could continue mentioning titles. Among all of them, he tries to find his little piece of glory 'This shit surpasses me', the new creation of Netflix that already has a release date. It will be in a month and we will tell you all the details about this story that once again has its epicenter in an institute.

The plot of 'This shit surpasses me' It stars teenagers, with their typical age problems, but dressed in special powers. Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, in the direction we meet Jonathan Entwistle, architect of 'The End of th F *** ing World '. The thing looks really good and if you got hooked on 'The Umbrella Academy' you probably love it. You want to know more?

'This shit surpasses me' has a release date on Netflix

Netflix confirmed on Instagram the release date of 'This shit surpasses me'. Point: February 26. Sydney (Sophia Lillis) She is the complicated protagonist, a melancholic fifteen-year-old girl who starts writing a diary to express her mixed feelings after her institute tutor recommended it. His life is chaos because he can't stand his mother, blames himself for his father's death, consumes certain substances and has fallen in love with his best friend. The problem of these internal conflicts goes further when he discovers that he has a power by which he converts that anger that he carries into pain towards others. The consequences of their actions? They can be a horror or tremendously fun. We will have to wait to check.

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