This is the Rocky that Sylvester Stallone is most proud of

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If there is a character recognizable by every movie lover, that is Rocky Balboa. Created in the late 1970s by Sylvester Stallone, his first film appearance, 'Rocky', he managed to win the Oscar for Best Picture at a time when the United States needed to believe in a hero again.

The film was so famous (and so profitable) that it gave rise to 4 sequels during the 80s, highly successful at the box office and that they gave us mythical soundtracks, like the one from 'Rocky III' and his 'Eye of the tiger'. And, after 'Rocky V', Stallone separated from the character to focus on other projects until, in 2006, he decided to recover the legendary Rocky with the sixth installment 'Rocky Balboa'. And it's from that movie that Stallone is most proud of.

"My best movie would have to say it's 'Rocky'. And within the saga, the one I'm most proud of is 'Rocky Balboa', because nobody wanted to do it. I was literally sitting there waiting 6 years, trying to make it and, when it came out When we finally released it, I was very proud of it, especially for everything we had to go through to get it going "

'Rocky Balboa' is the second movie in the franchise with the highest score on Rottentomatoes, and critics responded very favorably to this twilight installment of the character. Stallone offered one of his best performances of a character he has taken the step for, and was the basis for his later return in the spin-off 'Creed' for which he was nominated for an Oscar. Long live Rocky the Italian Foal!

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