this is the exclusive mobile Netflix that bets on series of less than ten minutes

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In an era of saturation of mobile platforms in which one of the criteria for subscribing is compatibility with our devices, especially with TV, it is somewhat rare that one of the expected releases of the year is Quibi. At least because of how radically different his bet.

And is that Quibi it comes with three differentiating features and they come in a double-edged shape. The first is that it is an SVOD exclusively for mobile phones, designed for those who spend considerable time (or not so considerable) to get around. Of course, not having delayed its launch makes that "claim" lose strength in the state of confinement in which half the world finds itself.

The second characteristic is around the duration. Your entire catalog is limited to episodes of less than ten minutes. Normally we will move through series, contests, realities (yes also) and documentaries that last between 6 and 9 minutes. At least from what I've been able to navigate.

Here they also need a good claim. And they also have it. Learning from the rest of the platforms, we find striking names in the entry series. So, we can see Sophie Turner ('Game of Thrones') starring in 'Survive', a drama about mental health; '50 States of Fright ', Sam Raimi's anthology (coming next week) and Steven Spielberg's' After Dark'.

But not only fiction is nurtured and eye because here we have what is perhaps the biggest difference: current affairs and news. While it is true that Netflix has a couple of current comic spaces like 'Unwanted Patriot', in Quibi we have space for the news with daily programs made by BBC News, Telemundo and if we go to entertainment there is EW's 'Late Night's Late Night' and other daily capsules.

A somewhat high price for what it offers

Quibi Menu

To access Quibi we simply have to download the application in the store of our smartphone and the registration is incredibly fast: mail, password, say how you pay (on Android it is managed directly by the Play Store) and that's it. I think it has not taken me less to register on one of these sites in years. Everything is very fluid.

But let's talk about money. For the international arena, Quibi costs in Spain 8.99 euros per monthBut it comes first with a 90-day trial period if you subscribe before April 30. Something completely unheard of right now. Come on, they want us to fully test the application.

A price that is higher than the basic of the United States ($ 4.99) but in return we will not have advertising. And, as I read in media like Engadget, it is somewhat annoying to find so much advertising for so little content.

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Because Quibi's catalog is varied, it has things that are attractive in themselves … but generally there is nothing that stands out for good. Fiction series they are in the field of what is correct and today correct is no longer a valid option For call the atention.

Films in pieces for vertical and horizontal consumption

Perhaps the most striking thing about Quibi is that we can see its contents both vertically and in as God commands horizontal. The application is going very well in this regard and you can rotate the screen at any time and the content adapts to how you're looking at it.

This basically means that if you prefer to see the content vertically you will find constant firsts close-ups and little reference to the staging or characters in the background. Something that, in addition, they do it with a certain zoom and deformation if the screen has a different ratio of 16: 9.

On the other hand, the fact that the philosophy is that of videos of less than ten minutes, makes its series feel more like piecemeal movies than series. And with movies I mean telefilms of which you can see any desktop on television. There seems to be no intention other than to tell a story and that you have something to see in that free time.

A commitment to entertainment and news that may save them from disdain


Maybe that's why I had a better time watching 'Dishmantled' than his fictions. 'Dishmantled' is a culinary reality contest hosted by Titus Burgess in which blindfolded contestants They must find out what dish has exploded in their faces and, once they have left the explosion zone, try to recreate it.

Or weird things like 'Chrissy's Court' a judicial comic reality with somewhat absurd cases that, although it is somewhat uncomfortable to see, it has its potential. Or even the new 'Punk'd' with new hidden camera pranks after an eight-year absence.

The thing is that if we move away from fiction, I think Quibi has his great potential and his saving wings in entertainment production With formats that, personally, I can imagine being consumed on a massive scale in those spare moments, on those trips and when going to the bathroom. However, at the moment, fiction does not have much travel on this platform.

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