This is how The Witcher was inspired by Nolan's Dunkirk

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One of the main features of The Witcher It is a direct inspiration from Dunkirk, the war movie that Cristopher Nolan premiered a couple of years ago. This was confirmed by the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

Details of The Witcher's story below.

Netflix's new Witcher series tosses a coin to Christopher Nolan.

Specifically, what Hissrich took from Nolan's film is the idea of ​​telling the story of the three main characters in three separate timelines, something that was already happening at certain times in the fantasy novels from which this license was born.

"I knew there were characters from The Last Wish I wanted to adapt, but then we would run out of Ciri", the showrunner told Collider when talking about how the series of the moment was forged.

"The funny thing is that it is actually based on the Dunkirk timelines. I went to see her before I started working at The Witcher and I read a fantastic interview with Christopher Nolan in which he talked about these three phases when it comes to taking the soldiers from the beach".

Dunkirk's story is told in three story arcs that merge at the end of the movie. One of them begins one week before the final events, another one day before and the other one hour before.

In the interview quoted by the person in charge of The Witcher, the director clarifies that telling these stories in order could have implied that the last one was less important than the others, so he decided to opt for this format.

"I had one of those revelations while in the shower and at that moment I went out and asked my husband 'is this crazy? That is, is it very crazy to do this with this story? Is it very crazy that Ciri's story has a week, that of Yennefer as 70 years and that of Geralt about 20 years? Is that crazy?'"

If you have wondered why the series is told as it is told, now you know where the inspiration for its narration was born.

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